The Heart of

719 Commons




There is a renaissance unfolding in Colorado Springs. Businesses, churches, place makers, non-profits and neighbors are connecting in new ways and creating new things. We want to foster more connection and innovation in the city. 719 Commons is a physical space close to downtown where diverse people and leaders connect and gain trust en route to creating good and beautiful things that will bless our city. We host a weekday coworking community that is the heart of what we do. It’s a space BY coworkers FOR coworkers. After hours, our space is an ideal venue for small and large groups to celebrate, strategize, dream, train and eat together (events/meetings).

And every single penny of profit we make goes right back into loving our city in practical ways: serving/loving the poor, oppressed, and marginalized of our city, fostering community in pockets of our city, being agents of reconciliation and restoration within our city, procuring outposts of hope and expressions of beauty throughout our city, etc. In this way, we cultivate an ethos where tangible expressions of Jesus’ kingdom spring up throughout Colorado Springs. SO, take a few minutes to check out our event/meeting page, apply to become part of our coworking community, or schedule a tour of our facility.